Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a painter.  It hit me recently that I needed to stop talking about it and start doing it. I’ve painted a few things over the years but never consistently. Life and work always got in the way.  Excuses, excuses…!

So, in honor of my 50th birthday (omg…is that possible??) which will be June 30, 2014, I am challenging myself to do 50 paintings (…or drawings).  I don’t know what the subject will be (…whatever inspires me), what size they will be (…probably small) or what medium I will use (…oil, acrylic, sidewalk chalk). The only limitation I will give myself is that I have until the end of my fiftieth year. This might be the biggest commitment I’ve ever made.  Now it’s out there…Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “About

    • Dan, Thank you so much for the nice note! I appreciate you taking time to do that. There is so much beautiful art at the CC, I always wonder if anyone notices mine – way in the back…:) If you are interested, you can see future work on my FB page – K Mason Fine Art. Thanks again!

  1. Looking over each of your paintings makes me even more in awe of your amazing talents, Sista! God has blessed you and in turn, blessed us. Keep up the great work! Love you!!

  2. KIM! These are AMAZING! Of course being a tree lover, the tree is my favorite-so far! Can’t wait to see what comes next!! I used to be a painter too and always said I would get back into AFTER kids go off to college-ummm that would be next year…and I too will be fifty soon! I think you may have just inspired me!!!!

  3. Oh wow, good for you. You can do it!!! It’s the getting started that’s hard. It’s dinner time, I’ve been painting all day and I don’t want to stop. Oh yeah but I’ve got kids who have to eat lol.

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